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Turnovers vs. Shooting Percentage

Ok, folks. We have something of a trend to look at.

One of the things that has been complained about during the Wolves' recent losing streak has been their turnovers. Is this the reason that they have been losing?

In terms of importance, turnovers seem like they're a pretty damn bad thing. However, in terms of winning basketball, how do turnovers handle in the face of shooting? Turnovers are terrible but bad shooting really, really sucks. You can give up a lot of extra possessions with turnovers but how much does piss-poor shooting knee-cap a squad like the Wolves?

A young team like the Wolves is going to turn the ball over. Is that what causes them to lose games, or is it a complete fall off on 3 pointers plus a massive drop off in 2p% Against the Magic, the Wolves had twice the turnovers as the Magic (18 to 9) but they also made 50% of the Magic's 3 pointers and finished with an efg deficit of roughly 50% to 45%. 18 free throws on 3 fewer FTAs matter. Better shooting really matters. Turnovers are bad but terrible shooting is worse.

This team has some serious problems on the wing. It also has some problems with bad shooting. The shooting problems are much more pronounced than the turnovers. Let's wait and see how this thing plays out.

Until later.