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Great Moments in David Kahn History: Part 1


Believe it or not, but there are some statistics out there that suggest the Minnesota Timberwolves are pretty bad at the wing positions.

The Wolves have had a net production of -5.8 PER at shooting guard and -6.5 PER at small forward. In John Hollinger's BAD (Below Average Dependency) rating, the Wolves are the worst in the NBA at the small forward position. Wesley Johnson alone has caused an average of 6.8 remotes thrown per game.

David Kahn doesn't believe the hype. He's just fine with our wing players and said he is unlikely to make any type of major move before the March 15th trade deadline.

Kahn has a history of making tough decisions like these. Check out some other great moments in David Kahn history:


"Our Maginot Line should definitely stop the Germans from invading us. " - David Kahn, 1935, France


"Don't worry, guys. I shot Michael six times. I don't think he could survive that." - David Kahn, 1978, Haddonfield, Illinois


"John, I know this woman from Alaska. She would make a fantastic Vice Presidential candidate." - David Kahn, 2007, Phoenix, Arizona


"Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez and Al Pacino. Who wouldn't want to watch this movie?" - David Kahn, 2003, Hollywood, California


"George, those indians don't stand a chance against our cavalry. I say 'attack'." - David Kahn, 1876, Little Bighorn, Montana


"A theme park with living dinosaurs. What could possibly go wrong?" - David Kahn, 1993, Isla Nublar