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No Outliers Tonight


Tonight, the Wolves played a road game without their best player against a superior team, and got beat to hell like you would expect. The magic wasn't going to last forever I guess.

  • The Lakers had Rubio and Pekovic scouted. I'll be interested to see how Pek performs now that teams have had time to catch up to him. He's come back to earth over the last 5 games. Say what you will, but I think we can all agree that shooting 60-some-odd-% wasn't going to sustain the whole reason.
  • You can also say what you will about Pau Gasol. If I can trade Derrick Williams and spare parts for him, I do it.
  • 39% shooting. 26% from three, 55% from the line. Not going to win with that.
  • Orlando has a choice between Andrew Bynum and Brook Lopez for Dwight Howard, and instead they the words of His Lord Cutler Beckett...opting for oblivion. I don't understand why teams consistently hold out such false hopes. Howard is not staying in Orlando. Steve Nash will not stay in Phoenix. Has anyone learned anything from LeBron/Melo/Bosh? Get what you can while you can get it.
  • I also, for the life of me, don't understand why Anthony Randolph doesn't get on the floor more. He played 12 minutes tonight....granted, 12 not very important minutes, but still....he nearly put up a double-double in that short time. When he gets on the floor, he produces. So get him on the floor.
  • And for the love, find a quality wing player