Wolves/Nuggets Report Card

Final Score

Wolves 117 Nuggets 100


Kevin Love is one of the Top 5 Players in the NBA. Love’s playing like a future Hall of Famer. 9th 30/15 game on the season no other NBA has more then 1. It should also be noted that he had 4 Assists, 2 Blocks, 3 Steals, and 0 Turnovers. Kevin Love is becoming the type of talent who needs to be watched every night to see what new exploits he can pull off. If Rubio can somewhat improve his shooting- Minnesota can be Title Contenders. Easiest of all grades- A Plus

Derrick Williams- I’m really of the opinion that he’s going to be much improved in 2012/2013. I like his ability to finish in traffic and draw contact. He’s also got some potential as a long-range shooter . While I don’t believe his best position is the 3 long-term. Sebestian Pruiti is correct in pointing out he’s a good athlete to defend there in situations. Williams had three assists with no turnovers including a nice assist for a Wes dunk in the first quarter. An Off-Season will do wonders. Final Grade- C Plus

Martell Webster- Webster seems to be the very definition of league average. He’s below average as a starting wing-but decent enough as a back-up. Tonight wasn’t one of his better nights as he was careless with the ball and missed a decent number of open looks. Most disappointing was a second quarter blown-lay up after an unbelievable Kevin Love outlet. Final Grade- C Minus

Wesley Johnson- Ugh! Wes is reasonably active when he’s in the game. Wes had a very nice block on Corey Brewer in the 1st Quarter. But he missed open look after open look. His inability to create off the dribble is frightening. 0 Rebounds plus O Free Throws. I really don’t wish to give a Wolf a failing grade. But if this was a loss-Wes’ grade would be as easy as K.Love’s. Final Grade- F

Luke Ridnour-Played one of his best games of the year. Luke’s not a real valuable player if he’s not making shots especially such a poor defender. Luke’s most exciting shot was drawing the contact and having a And One of Javale McGee late in the 1st Quarter. Luke also had a partial block of a Ty Lawson jumper in the 1st. Luke’s performance tonight is A worthy.


Malcolm Lee-The Wolves played well when he was on the court. He shows some potential on the Defensive End. He’s not a NBA Quality PG at this time. But for limited stretches you can get by with him. I’ll expect to see his role increased next year. His upside isn’t probably much better then a 8th-9th Man, but if that’s what the Wolves get with a Mid 2nd Round Pick that’s gold. Final Grade-B

Michael Beasley- I remember debating with Poor Dick where I made the suggestion the Wolves should consider picking up Super Cool Beas’ option. My reasoning wasn’t based on him deserving such a deal. It was based on the fact that for the Wolves to develop into a Championship Level team they need to strike gold in finding a Wing Solution. I figured the 10 percent chance that Super Cool Beas figured it out could be worth picking up the option. Beasley’s shot-selection and defense are such that this would be an impossible move for the Front-Office to recommend. Final Grade-D

Wayne Ellington-For the 28th Pick in the draft. Wayne Ellington is adequate. If he shot 5 percent higher on threes- he would be a pretty nice 8th Man. He’s probably the steadiest player of the Wolves wings although this statement isn’t saying much considering the other options. Wayne made shots today. If he doesn’t then he doesn’t give you much else. I would like to give him credit for forcing a shot-clock violation from Jordan Hamilton near the end of the 3rd and then shutting down Andre Miller on a driving lay up to start the 4th.

Final Grade-B Plus

Anthony Tolliver-Assuming the money isn’t too high- I would like to see Anthony Tolliver back. I think his performance would have been better with steadier burn. Bringing him back cheap seems like a good move. His versatility on Defense and smarts would be a good fit as a 4th Big. Today he continued his recent stretch of improved play. His best play was a mid-air tip in traffic towards the end of the 3rd.

Final Grade- B Plus

Coaches- While Adelman is a Hall of Fame Coach. I do wonder about having Kevin Love in the game the 2nd half of the 4th Quarter.

Final Grade-B Plus


I love Jim Pete. My favorite moment when he starts praising John Hollinger and notes Hollinger’s comments on Javale McGee’s erratic stretches. McGee turns around and makes Hollinger look like a genius with his rotation of bone-headed plays mixed with genius plays. A GM would need Brass Balls to give McGee an 8 Figure a year contract extension. The only thing about Hanny is in the 3rd quarter- he claimed Luke hadn’t missed a shot yet. This wouldn’t have been a big deal if Luke hadn’t missed a shot just a few possessions back.

Final Grade- A (Mostly for Jim Pete’s Hoopus Love)