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Playoffs Point / Counterpoint: Kevin Love vs. Michael Beasley

It's time for an edition of Point / Counterpoint, the feature in which Timberwolves players line up on either side of the important issues facing Wolves basketball today.

In today's edition, we have Kevin Love and Michael Beasley, to talk about the Wolves' playoff push.

Point: We Can Still Make The Playoffs If We Stay Focused, by Kevin Love*

Kevinlove_medium I know that we're running out of games to make our move here, but I really think we have the pieces in place. Big Pek is going to be coming back from his injury soon and Luke Ridnour is playing great. Losing Ricky was a huge blow, but we keep on fighting through, and I think we've got the horses to keep it up down the stretch.

The main thing, though, is that we stay focused on our goal. Every game's a playoff game for us from here on out, and though I haven't been to the playoffs in the pros, I know what we have to do - play every possession like it's important and play every game like it's the last one. We don't have a big margin of error.

All I know is that I'm cutting out all of the non-basketball distractions in my life for the stretch run. They say we're still young, but time is fleeting, as Ricky's knee proves; we have to take this chance to make it into the postseason now. And it starts with focusing on that goal. It's how I put up 30 points and 15 rebounds every night.

Counterpoint: My Hands Totally Smell Like Nachos Right Now, by Michael Beasley*

Michaelbeasley_mediumWhoa, guys, come here right now. Seriously, just come here for a second.

Smell my hand right now. Come on, just smell it!

You smell that? Nachos. You gotta smell that. It's like jalapenos and cheese, I swear. You're not smelling that?

The weird thing is, I haven't even been eating nachos. All I've had this morning are some Cocoa Puffs. And I know it's not that new lotion because that stuff just smells manly, you know? Like horses mixed with awesomeness.

They should totally make lotion that smells like nachos! Oh, man! You'd use that lotion and you'd be like, "Hey, something smells like nachos. Oh that's right, it's my hands!" And then you'd go get some nachos, because once you smell nachos, you gotta have them. Nacho companies could totally sell this lotion. Their profits would go up like, a thousand percent.

Anybody got some nachos? Man, I can't stop thinking about nachos now!

Wait, what was the question?

Tune in next time, as Darko Milicic debates some of the thornier existential questions of life with himself, such as, "If I play basketball, and I hate basketball, does that mean I hate myself?"

(*Of course not. You didn't believe it was written by these two, either. But I feel it's important that we have a disclaimer, anyway.)