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Post Game Interview with Kevin Garnett

Below the fold are post-game quotes from Kevin Garnett following tonight's Celtics win over the Minnesota Timberwolves.

On Greg Stiemsma

"Greg's been a big addition to our team. He's stepped into the opportunity and taken advantage of it. Like tonight, he understands his role, and is a big guy who has gotten better throughout the year. Since we lost J.O., and have a lack of big men, he's stepped in and taken over the opportunity greatly. I'm proud of him. I hope Danny and the organization, or somebody in our league, has seen that and gives him a nice contract because he's earned it."

On the Celtics' team defense

"I thought our defense was solid. Kevin Love is really great. He's very solid. Very, very offensive-minded. We've been watching him. Keeping track of all his accolades and what he's been doing on a regular basis. IF you know anything about me, you know that I've been more than ready and prepared tonight. But I thought overall, we got into passing lanes, we got steals, we minimized Love's shots and threes, and we already know how Kevin Love goes is how the Timberwolves go. So, we slowed him down and had an opportunity to open up the game. And we did.

On Garnett's offensive game tonight

"Just a situation where I know Kevin Love don't play a lot of defense, but he does get a lot of rebounds and shoots a lot of threes. I felt like I had the advantage and I took it. It wasn't more than that. Rondo called my number. They called it a couple of times. I am very comfortable this building. I guess I reverted back to '04"

On this season

"It's full of ups and downs. We have a little more ways to go. Not a point where we get comfortable or get at ease. Its a situation where we have to continue to push forward. We take it one game at a time."

On his legacy in Minnesota

"Say I'm an old man, huh? In basketball terms, I am an old man, I guess. In everyday life, I'm just a normal man. My time's past [in Minnesota]. It's Kevin Love's time now. I understand that. But I am gracious of the applause of all the fans and very appreciative of the Twin Cities. I've always had a special place for all the people here and they know that."