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Timberwolves Point / Counterpoint: Ricky Rubio vs. Anthony Randolph

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It's time for another edition of Point / Counterpoint, the feature in which Timberwolves players line up on either side of the important issues facing Wolves basketball today.

In today's edition, Ricky Rubio and Anthony Randolph square off.

Point: I Am Happy And Positive About This Injury, by Ricky Rubio*

Happy Ricky!I know that this injury was unfortunate. However, I choose to see it as an opportunity to overcome adversity. I am going to work hard to come back and be better than ever!

I know that people think that sometimes I am smiling for no reason or that I am goofy because I am so happy. But how can I not be happy, even if I cannot play basketball right now? I am alive and doing what I love, to play basketball. And I am getting paid to do it. How can I not be the happiest person in the world?

I am confident that I will come back strong. I am confident that I will come back as the same player I always was. And I am confident that we will be an even better team than we were before, just like my knee will be better than it ever was before. I am still smiling. I will always be smiling. The future is bright!

Counterpoint: Oh God, It Happened Again, by Anthony Randolph*

Sad Anthony!I warned them! Didn't I warn them, but they wouldn't listen, and now... Oh God, it all went wrong again.

I tried to tell them that things couldn't last. I warned them. I said, this is the world we're living in, and it's a dark, cold, cruel world where nice things crumble and happiness fades into darkness.

I remember about my buddy Larry. We were dug in in a foxhole in Korea, and all he could talk about was apple pie. He said his mom made the best apple pie in America, and when he got home, he was gonna eat nothing but apple pie for a week. One night, I finally said, "All right, Larry, when we get home, I'm gonna try some of that apple pie." And he laughed, and then turned around and got his head taken clean off by a Scud missile. They weren't even invented until after the Korean War was over! Now you tell me, if we live in a happy world, how did Larry get his head shot off with a ground-to-ground missile that hadn't even been invented yet?

I haven't even told you yet about my buddy Al. Died in a pumpkin accident on Halloween 1968. You'll never eat pumpkin pie again. I know I haven't; it's a happy thing, and a world in which your buddy ends up looking like a dead, demented jack-o'-lantern doesn't have happy things.

Ricky's just another in a long line of misfortunes. Look at my face: do I look like a man who knows what happiness feels like? It's this today and something else tomorrow, and staying positive is kidding yourself.

Tune in next time, when Michael Beasley argues with a bag of marshmallows about just who looks tastier.

(*Of course not.)