The Definition of Defeatism - MIN @ IND 04/16

Enough is enough. I am writing this at halftime when the score is 30-64. I refuse to watch any more.

I had intended to write this report using the same structure ESPN Boston uses in its Reaction posts after Celtics games, as bsg says he got the inspiration for these report cards from ESPN. This format probably won't have the same impact after one half, but I'll give it a go anyway.

In keeping with the theme of inadequate performance, my computer won't allow me to insert the halftime boxscore, so I'll provide the main team stats from it instead and provide any notable player stats later.

Minnesota Timberwolves

FG: 27.5% (11-40) | 3P: 18.2% (2-11) | FT: 46.2% (6-13) | REB: 22 (5 Off) | TO: 9 | PF: 8

Indiana Pacers

FG: 46.2% (24-52) | 3P: 57.1% (8-14) | FT: 88.9% (8-9) | REB: 33 (10 Off) | TO: 3 | PF:9

Now onto the report:

How the game was won lost to this point

  • Shooting problems (early shot selection in particular)
  • Failure to rotate on shooters, leading to open 3s
  • Ken Mauer
  • Inability to make free throws
  • Passing; some players couldn't catch passes (Tolliver) and others simply couldn't pass (Beasley)
Turning Point
Approx. 10:24pm ET, 9 March 2012. I know this is supposed to refer to the turning point in this game but I can't see 'turning point' without anything else coming to mind.

Bold Play of the Day
For the Wolves it was undoubtedly the Lion's fearsome slam during a 6-0 run late in the first quarter, but George Hill's putback dunk after a rebounding melee under our basket cannot be ignored.

I assume The April Losing Streak Continues
In the examples I looked at from ESPN Boston, this section contained news of a streak that the team or one of its players was one. Looks like 0-23, fellas, 0-23.

What it Means
I'm to depressed to address this. We all know what it means.


Martell Webster - F
Apart from his foul, I didn't even notice Martell on the floor for 10 minutes.

J.J. Barea - F
I realise that he is our highest scorer to this point and also has 5 assists, but JJ went into Saviour Mode tonight and, as you know, he saved no-one. Two made FGs, three missed FTs and the worst +/- (-32!) on the team - his numbers speak for themselves.

Anthony Randolph - F
Adelman put his faith in AR, rewarding his recent run of form with a start in this game, and things seemed promising with two blocks and some decent work on the glass. However, a couple of early fouls and glimpses of his questionable basketball IQ reminded us why Sad Dog hasn't played more minutes this year.

Wesley Johnson - F
Only played 2 minutes in the half. Thank God.

Nikola Pekovic - D+
Sorry, Jason, but Pek wasn't really Pek tonight. He is obviously still recovering from the injury and deserves plaudits for his commitment, but the Bulldozer couldn't handle the double-team of Hibbert and Mauer.

Anthony Tolliver - D
The only Wolf with a positive +/- (+3). Typically good hustle got him a few boards, but missed an easy opportunity at the rim and his lack of awareness added to Beasley's TO total.

Malcolm Lee - C
With 5 points in 5 minutes, Leezy was an injection of energy and showed promise driving to the rim. If he had made his other FT he might have even finished with a better grade, but I'm really annoyed about FTs at the moment.

Brad Miller - D+
Blocked a shot almost immediately after entering the game, made a 3 and had a couple of nice passes, but forced it too much and missed two open looks.

Michael Beasley - F
More TOs than points in 11 minutes.

Derrick Williams - D+
Began the night in his cage, but the Lion momentarily roared with that dunk and his five rebounds. His performance at the line is frustrating though, and it appears no-one is more frustrated than Rick Adelman.

Wayne Ellington - F
A shooter that can't shoot is no use to anyone.

I am sorry that this report isn't as thorough as some may have liked, especially anyone who may have missed the game, but this is all I could bring myself to do after watching that. I look forward to your comments and I'm already looking forward to writing one of these next year.