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Worthy of the worst

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As if the April 4th game against Golden State where the Wolves went ahead by 20+ only to find themselves on the working end of a fully loaded Charles Jenkins wasn't enough, tonight they upped the ante by losing to the same depleted Warriors squad on the 3rd night of a back-to-back-to-back.

Keep in mind that this Warriors team owes a top-seven protected pick to the Utah Jazz and that this win gave them the 8th worst record in the league. They have shut down all of their meaningful players and they still have managed to knock off Our Beloved Puppies two times in the last month.

Those fans who made their way to 600 First Avenue in person were treated to one of the biggest D-League efforts in recent memory. Horrible uninspired jump shooting "action"? Check. A complete inability to get the best player on the court (Nikola Pekovic) more than 13 shots (although, to be completely fair, it wasn't his best game)? Check. Early-in-the-shot-clock 3 pointers? Check. A Wes Johnson disappearing act? Check and check.

Speaking of Wes, after managing a quick 5 points in the opening quarter (including a kind-of-sort-of drive to the basket that drew a foul) he went into zero mode. He now has 6 games on the season with 0 rebounds, 47 with no free throw attempts, 8 with no points, 26 with no assists, 37 with no steals, and 32 with no blocks.

In the game thread OR-7 asked how many players from tonight's box score will be on the team at the start of next season. How many will be? How many should?

Heading into the off season I hope that the obvious roster deficiencies and imbalances are not glossed over or written off with talk about injuries. It's time to bring in a professional GM to clean things up.

Ugh. 1 more to go.

UPDATE: JJ Barea unloads on the team in the locker room:

Barea: "We got problems here. We got a lot of guys that don't care. ... We're just going to keep Ls til we get players here that care."

Barea says #TWolves will keep losing "until we get players that care about winning, care about the team, care about the fans."

Barea expects big changes: "That's up to mgmt. We just don't care. We just come in after a game like nothing happened."