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Beat at our own game


Well, tonight the Timberwolves actually found a way to play less than no defense. Not only that, but the Hornets decided to run out a game plan of outproducing Kevin Love + Nikola Pekovic, and made it work.

Chris Kamen and Jason Smith combined for 47 points on 80% (!!!!!) shooting....21-26. It hurts that a team with Eric Gordon beats us in the paint. It hurts that 1/2 of that paint duo was Jason Smith, who's only previous claim to fame is running over Blake Griffin with a cornerback-esque shoulder tackle that would have made the New Orleans Saints proud. And it hurts that the Pups went from bright and promising back to borderline-historically abysmal over the loss of just one player.

Look, Manu Ginobili missed most of the season and the Spurs didn't die. Derrick Rose the same thing, and the Bulls kept going. The Hawks lost Al Horford and didn't die (at least, anymore than they already were...) Good teams' fortunes don't rest on a single player. If the roster as a whole was any good, losing Ricky Rubio would have been a minor setback. It SHOULD have been a minor setback. Instead....well, we all know the story.

David Kahn deserves a contract extension? Whatevs....