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Morning Cup of Canis (5-21-12)

Really. Below the fold.


  • Lynx take down the Phoenix Mercury by 22 in the season opener. (PiPress)
  • Lynx open the season with a win. (SB Nation)
  • Augustus leaves with injury but Lynx win. (Washington Post)
  • Don't forget to check out SB Nation's WNBA blog, Swish Appeal.
  • 12th anniversary of Malik Sealy's death. (NBC Sports)
  • Wade remembers that he is a world-class player as the Heat even the series with the Pacers at 2. (ESPN)
  • Peninsula is Mightier recap.
  • Indy Cornrow recap.
  • The cyborg basketball collective that is the Spurs puts the Clippers out of their misery in 4. (ESPN)
  • Pounding the Rock recap.
  • Clips Nation recap.
Around SB Nation:
  • Dark Shadows and the death of Tim Burton. (Exiled)
  • Make anything into a key. (Gizmag)
  • California considers DNA privacy law. (Scientific American)
  • Is the holocaust denial/climate change denial comparison apt? (Science Blogs)
  • 50 years of government spending, in 1 graph. (NPR)
  • Draft Express's Nets Combine twitter feed. (DX)
  • A look at Bradley Beal. (HoopsAnalyst)
  • Caigoy Shrugs. (Buffalo Beast)