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Morning Cup of Canis (5-26-12)

No NBA. No WNBA. No problem below the fold.

  • More northeast Minneapolis beer. (The Journal MPLS)
  • Minneapolis gets the midwest's first sushi truck. (The Journal MPLS)
  • Guitars and the Lacey Act. (The Hill)
  • Mankato Brewery just started selling 6-packs in Mankato area MGMs. Follow them on twitter here. They currently have 2 brews: Mankato Original and Stickum. Both are crisply bitter beers that are more German than American. They definitely aren't like most of the metro beers that have been popping up of late.
  • The Butcher and the Boar gets a great review. (Heavy Table)
  • If you want fresh veggies from local farmers over the summer, don't forget to check out this listing of Minnesota CSA share providers. We buy a 1/2 share, tomato canning share, and a fall share from Living Land Farm.
  • Single sort recycling comes to Minneapolis. (The Blotter)
  • The Serbian Missile Crisis. (Punch Drunk Wolves)
  • Nets combine recap. (DX)
  • WCF preview. (Howlin T-Wolf)
  • A look at Damian Lilliard. (Timberpups)