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Morning Cup of Canis (5-4-2012)

Today's updates:


Around the NBA

  • Ryan Anderson of the Orlando Magic will be named the 2011-12 NBA Most Improved Player
  • According to the CDC, there are fewer than 70 7-footers between the ages of 20 and 40. There are 30 starting NBA centers. TrueHoop takes a look at being tall in the NBA.
  • If you're sitting courtside at an NBA game any time soon, please don't do this.


  • Amy Senser was convicted of two counts of criminal vehicular homicide: failing to immediately call for help and leaving the scene.She hit and killed Anousone Phanthavong on August 23rd.
  • Yesterday on his show, Dan Barreiro had on Minnesota Speaker of the House Kurt Zellers. Barreiro felt Zellers had lied to him on a previous appearance and he does a tremendous job holding Zellers accountable for that and other misleading statements. It is a must-listen.

NBA Playoff Recap