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Wolves draft Robbie Hummel with the 58th pick


What say you?

I'll update this post with a few thoughts in a bit, but in the mean time, have at it.


Hoopus Scores for Hummel

Year Score
Sr 26.1
Jr 27.8
So 24.6
Fr 23.2

In terms of 3/4s and 4s, Hummel found himself in this grouping of players:

  • Arnett Moultrie Mississippi St. 26.2154004395895
  • Mike Glover Iona 25.9125344331479
  • Keith Clanton Central Florida 25.8546269054126
Not exactly a barn-burner filled group, especially with John Shurna, Rakim Sanders, Marcus Denmon, Ken Horton, and Trey Zeigler on the board. Seriously, Marcus Denmon. Come on, guys. Sign Robbie to a free agent deal. Draft...ugh.

It's pretty hard to get worked up about this specific selection. It's the 58th pick. It's Robbie Hummel. If he makes the team, he'll be a long shot who will see limited minutes. That being said...well, I can't say I expected more so I'll just stop here.

They are what they are: Papa Glen's team. They're not sending cash to Sacramento to get a pick that could be used on Will Barton. They're not buying a pick to get Kyle O'Quinn. They're going to continue to do what they've always done and we'll just have to hope for some luck. Blind squirrel, nut.

Here's hoping that the singular move actually happens and it is a tad more than Jamal Crawford.

Until then, let's welcome Robbie Hummel to the most entertaining front office and ownership group in the entire sports world. Buckle up, Robbie.

UPDATE: Hammer and Rails (SB Nation Purdue blog) has a post about Robbie here.