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NBA Draft Analysis Recap


Last night after the NBA Draft had ended, reporters, analysts, coaches, GMs and players provided some thoughts about the 2012 draft selections.A lot of it was detailed, thought-provoking and supported by evidence of some sort.

Some of it was not.

I've included the best of the worst below the fold:


1. Anthony Davis - New Orleans Hornets

"He can just play." - Hornets head coach Monty Williams


2. Michael Kidd Gilchrist - Charlotte Bobcats

"He'll do what needs to be done." - Vince Cellini, NBATV


3. Bradley Beal - Washington Wizards

"He's going to be a good shooter in this league." - Wizards head coach Randy Wittman


4. Dion Waiters - Cleveland Cavaliers

"He's electric with the basketball." - NBA analyst Greg Anthony


5. Thomas Robinson - Sacramento Kings

"[The Kings] need the motor that Robinson brings to the table." - Chad Ford, ESPN


6. Damian Lillard - Portland Trail Blazers

"Yep, they drafted another point guard." - Joe Freeman, The Oregonian


7. Harrison Barnes - Golden State Warriors

"Whatever my ceiling is, I'm definitely going to try to reach it." - Harrison Barnes


8. Terrence Ross - Toronto Raptors

"[Ross] could take your breath away, but he was just as likely to leave you yelling at the TV." - Kevin Dowd, Seattle PI News


9. Andre Drummond - Detroit Pistons

"You don't know the next time you'll be able to get a physical specimen like this." - Joe Dumars, Detroit Pistons general manager


10. Austin Rivers - New Orleans Hornets

"Because he's the son of a former NBA player, he knows exactly what he has to do to get better." - draft profile


11. Meyers Leonard - Portland Trail Blazers

"[My interviews were] very professional and mature. I showed up with a suit." - Meyers Leonard


12. Jeremy Lamb - Houston Rockets

"Ideally, it would’ve been nice to be able to pull off a trade that really would’ve helped the team." - Kevin McHale, Houston Rockets general manager


13. Kendall Marshall - Phoenix Suns

"He just isn't an athlete." - Jay Bilas, ESPN


14. John Henson - Milwaukee Bucks

"We're going to get Milwaukee rocking again." - John Hammond, Milwaukee Bucks general manager


15. Mo Harkless - Philadelphia 76ers

"I feel that Boston would be a perfect situation for me." - Moe Harkless, earlier on Thursday


16. Royce White - Houston Rockets

"So much for that fear of flying obstacle...and the inability to shoot with a passable percentage. Buckle your seatbelts." - Randy Peterson, Des Moines Register


17. Tyler Zeller - Dallas Mavericks (traded to Cleveland)

"I don't know much [about Cleveland]. But I do know that I'm from Indiana, I'm from the Midwest. So it can't be that different, right?" - Tyler Zeller


18. Terrence Jones - Houston Rockets

"[Terrence Jones] is just a rugged guy." - Kevin McHale, HoustonRockets general manager


19. Andrew Nicholson - Orlando Magic

"We wanted to identify good players" - New Orlando Magic general manager Rob Henningan on his team's draft preparation


20. Evan Fournier - Denver Nuggets

"I don't want to burst anybody's bubble, but I don't think the 20th pick in this draft is going to be better than Jordan Hamilton or Julyan Stone, and they didn't play this year." - George Karl, Denver Nuggets head coach


21. Jared Sullinger - Boston Celtics

"Even though he's long-armed, he's not a great athlete that elevates over people and he's not a great defender, and he's not a great runner, but he's a 6-foot-9 guy that knows how to play" - Jay Bilas, ESPN


22. Fab Melo - Boston Celtics

"I don't know what you can project. Obviously, he has size." - Doc Rivers, Boston Celtics head coach


23. John Jenkins - Atlanta Hawks

"He is a guy that has potential to get into a rotational lineup," - Larry Drew, Atlanta Hawks head coach


24. Jared Cunningham - Cleveland Cavaliers (traded to Dallas)

"Athletically, he's similar to Russell Westbrook." - Rick Carlisle, Dallas Mavericks head coach


25. Tony Wroten Jr. - Memphis Grizzlies

"He probably doesn't address a specific need. He is not a shooter. He may become a point guard, in time." - Chris Wallace, Memphis Grizzlies general manager


26. Miles Plumlee - Indiana Pacers

"It's not a sexy pick by any means." - Larry Bird, Indiana Pacers general manager


27. Arnett Moultrie - MIami Heat (traded to Philadelphia)

"Our feeling was (Moultrie) was one of the top 10 players in the draft." - Rod Thorn, Philadelphia 76ers general manager


28. Perry Jones - Oklahoma City Thunder

"Before I say too much, what I’d like to do is just make sure our group has a chance to see him." - Sam Presti, Oklahoma City Thunder general manager


29. Marquis Teague - Chicago Bulls

"All the reports, all the background that we did on him — everybody said he’s very, very competitive" - Gar Forman, Chicago Bulls general manager


30. Festus Ezeli - Golden State Warriors

"I will do whatever I have to do. I will run through a wall." - Festus Ezeli