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Free agency continues

Maybe the lockout made teams antsy to deal this summer. Does kind of feel like everyone's trying to do two years worth of business in a two week span.

The Toronto Raptors have offered a 3 year, $36 million deal to Steve Nash. If he takes it and plays all three years, he'd be paid $12 million as a 41 year old. Has that ever happened before?

The New Jersey Nets are all over the place. I don't know if there's really any plan just seems like they're desperate for happen. Add them to the list of teams Eric Gordon will visit. They've also re-signed Gerald Wallace (4 years, $40 million), while reportedly trying to trade for Joe Johnson (!?!?!?) All this, of course, while waiting for the Magic's response to Dwight Howard's trade request.

And, as already reported, the Blazers have offered a max deal to restricted free agent Roy Hibbert. Not sure if Indiana would match that....they declined to offer that kind of money as an extension....but they also have nothing to replace him with. Big test for their new front office.

This, interestingly, coincides with the Timberwolves offering $50 over 4 years to Nic Batum. We are.....believe it or not.....reportedly his preferred destination. It's been expected that Portland would commit to keeping Batum, but they have also said there's a number they'd consider too much, and who knows if they'd be willing to spend that much while also spending max money on Roy Hibbert.

If the Wolves want a big time wing player in free agency, they basically have two options....try to get Batum this year, or hope they can get James Harden next year. Of the two, prying Batum away from Portland is both the cheaper and more probable path to take.


Restricted free-agent Trail Blazer forward Nic Batum is flying from Paris to Minneapolis tonight and will meet with Timberwolves officials about a proposed offer sheet.

I'm being told Minnesota is Nicolas Batum's preferred destination. They have a great shot at coming to terms on an agreement.