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Daily Cup Refill (7-10-2012)

900 comments by 3:30. People are talkative today.

Add to the list of news things:

Blake Griffin has agreed to a 5 year, $95mil (!!!) extension with the Los Angeles Clippers. I'm not sure Donald Sterling has spent that much on his entire roster the last 3 years combined....

Tim Duncan has agreed to a3 year, $36 mil extension with the San Antonio Spurs.

And yes, Alexey Shved has officially comes to terms (undisclosed, as of yet) with the Timberwolves. Like Roy, the actual signing of the deal will be put on hold until the Batum thing settles itself.

Well, if nothing else, we at least can't complain that the Wolves aren't trying to fix the wing situation or aren't willing to spend on the roster.