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When it Rains, it Pours

An appropriate title in more than one way. A) Because 10 minutes ago, my office window was pretty much literally a sheet of water (seriously. It's like someone sent the building through a carwash). And B) because the Wolves suddenly just did about a million things at once.

To save everyone's sanity, I'll just aggregate all the relevant tweets here:

The Korver trade is via Minnesota into Atlanta's traded player exception, meaning Bulls get 2nd-round pick from Minny and save $500K.

I'm still unclear exactly what the Wolves picked up here. If someone knows, leave a comment and I'll edit it in.

Minnesota has waived forward Martell Webster, league source tells Y! Sports.

Necessary to officially clear enough cap space for Batum's offer sheet.

Wolves trade Miller and 2 2nd rounders to Hornets for one 2nd rounder. Why? To save $800K plus on their cap for his buyout.

Wolves have renounced rights to AT and AR-15, but Kahn made sure to say that doesn't mean they won't be back

Kahn says offer sheet will be submitted at 5 p.m Sunday once Webster clears waivers

So not 7 days. 2 days. Standard 48 hour waiver period.

Also, it appears I need to correct my correction:

Kahn said Batum hasn't signed offer sheet, can't do so until Sunday.


Batum signed Thurs, but NBA ruled invalid since MN had no space according to Kahn

I guess it serves a twisted purpose in the sense that it shows Portland that Batum is willing to sign it for real, but yeah....eesh

So this is where it gets interesting.

Jason Quick ‏@jwquick
Olshey said he has seen a copy of the offer sheet for Batum after Kahn sent him a copy "to show he’s serious"

So now there is absolutely no way in hell Portland can think the offer sheet won't ever actually be real.

And also:

Yes. RT can they still work on sign and trade til then?

So it appears the possibility of a sign and trade is still alive. Batum hasn't signed the offer sheet yet because he can't. (well, he can, but it'd just get ruled invalid again...) But with Webster and Miller gone and the league (presumably) notified that the offer sheet will be signed and submitted on Sunday, we're at the point of no return it seems. The 'deadline' won't be extended now. Either a S&T happens, or the Blazers are on the clock starting Sunday.