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What we know and don't

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Let's take a look. Below the fold.

Know: The first year cap hit for Batum's offer will be in the $10-11 mil range.

Don't know: The exact number.

Know: The initial offer could not actually be made without enough available cap room.

Don't know: Exactly why the first offer was denied.

Know: David Kahn has basic math skills.

Don't know: The exact cap number down to the penny.

Know: The Wolves now have enough cap space to make an official offer to Batum.

Don't know: Whether or not they will actually follow through on it on Sunday.

Know: Webster was waived and Miller's deal was traded.

Don't know: If the reported deals were the first ones or if there were others that didn't pan out (i.e. this could be the reason why the first offer sheet didn't go through).

Know: The Wolves have talked to Brandon Roy and Alexy Shved about contracts.

Don't know: How they will make that work with Batum in the fold, especially with the need for a backup big (or two).

Know: Once an offer sheet is officially submitted, a sign and trade is no longer possible.

Don't know: When the actual offer sheet will be officially submitted.

Likely to be true:

  • Batum's agent wants either a max deal from the Blazers (which he is not going to get), a sign-and-trade, or an offer sheet from the Wolves.
  • Olshey's two options are sign and trade (sticking the Wolves with salary) or matching the Wolves' offer sheet.
  • Boston will be close to the hard cap and unable to match what the Wolves offer Stiemsma.
  • They are still working on a sign and trade.
  • The Wolves have promised Roy and Shved contracts.
Rumored to be true:
  • Billionaires are petty.
  • The main reason why the Wolves want nothing to do with Iggy is not because Kevin Love doesn't think he'd be good, but because Kevin Love knows he'll opt out of his last year and go Super Friends somewhere.
  • Olshey and Kahn want a sign and trade.
Nagging questions:
  • Why was Shved in town if he didn't sign something?
  • Why did the first offer not go through?
  • What was the point of the Chicago/Atlanta trade?
  • Do they have enough to sign 2 backup bigs?
  • Will Courtney Lee stick around long enough to see all of this play out?
OK, what else do we know, don't know, think is true, etc?