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Daily Cup of Canis (7-18-12)


Byron Mullens is the greatest basketball player in the history of the world. Below the fold.

  • Nicolas Batum off to Portland for physical. (PiPress)
  • Mullens/press too much for Wolves. (
  • Mullens' 33 points lead the way in win. (Observer)
  • William Buford: What we can expect. (Dunking with Wolves)
  • Asian-American fans say goodbye to Jeremy Lin. (WSJ)
  • Unanswered questions in the Bain/Romney controversy. (CJR)
  • The state of Medicaid. (Washington Post)
  • The fiscal cliff. (Wonkblog)
  • Damascus suicide bombing. (NY Times)
  • Mount Everest not the highest? (Ken Jennings)
  • NCAA prez comments on Penn State. Is there such a thing as "too big to fail" football? (Bloomberg)
  • Throw the book at Penn State. (NY Times)
  • Fukushima disaster may cause 1300 cancer deaths. (Bloomberg)
  • Talking about Jeremy Lin on NPR. (Wages of Wins)