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Daily Cup Refill (7-19-2012)

First serving is gettin' cloggy.

Slow day for the Wolves so far. Only new noteworthy thing is Courtney Lee is going to the Celtics (reported 4 year deal worth about $19 mil) Boston was unable to get a sign-and-trade to work for Jason Terry, so they have signed him outright with the MLE (which they intended to use for Lee) and traded Jajuan Johnson for Lee instead.

I'd consider this the Wolves being saved from themselves.

The two guys I'd target now are Ronnie Brewer and Brandon Rush. Rush is a restricted free agent, but I doubt his price will be too much (certainly won't turn into another Batum battle). He can really shoot, although he takes far fewer shots than you'd think he would. Mike Miller syndrome. Might be a little concerning. If someone can convince him to pull the trigger though, he'd do a lot of the things I think Jeremy Lamb would have done for us, had we landed him.

Anyways, have at it.

EDIT: The Courtney Lee trade is Lee to Boston for Johnson, E'Twan Moore, Sean Williams, and a second round pick. Lee will get over $4.25 mil/year, and the Rockets are one step closer in their crusade to convert their entire roster into future draft picks.