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Daily Cup of Canis (7-2-12)

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Let's get our honky tonk on. Below the fold.


  • Silver Stars take out the champs. (San Antonio Express)
  • 13 three pointers do in the Lynx. (Strib)
  • Seimone Augustus in a favorite sports highlight. (Swish Appeal)
  • Hammon and Young lead Silver Stars over Lynx. (USA Today)
Wolves Free Agency
League-Wide Free Agency
Signings (please put new signings in comments with links so we can update the post):
  • Andre Miller w/Denver. (Mark Spears via SB Nation)
  • Gerald Wallace w/Brooklyn. (SB Nation)
Offer Sheets (please put new offer sheets in comments with links so we can update the post):
  • Nic Batum w/Minny
  • Roy Hibbert w/Portland
  • Omer Asik with Houston.
  • Steve Aschburner has a new book out about Harmon Killebrew. Steve will be on AM1500 for an hour today at 1, and tomorrow on News at Noon on WCCO. (Amazon)
  • Iggy Pop. (New York Times)
  • Is Obamacare the biggest tax increase in history? (Mother Jones)
  • Health reform's next judgment day. (The Monkey Cage)
  • What will the states do with Medicaid expansion? (The Monkey Cage)
  • 7.2 trillion degrees. (TPM)
  • CERN to give a big update on Higgs search during ICHEP particle physics conference in Melbourne on July 4th. (CERN)