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It's getting sloggy.

Bill Simmons. Discuss.

To my favorite offseason feud — Minnesota's David Kahn butting heads with Portland's Paul Allen by aggressively courting swingman Nicolas Batum and signing former Blazers hero Brandon Roy (restarting his career after undergoing the "Kobe treatment" in Germany), with neutral observers wondering if Kahn's sudden obsession with Blazers players might be revenge for Portland trading him damaged goods (Martell Webster) two years ago.2 How pissed off was Portland? When Kahn stupidly offered them Derrick Williams and two no. 1s for the chance to totally overpay Batum (four years, $46 million), Portland turned him down and eventually matched the offer. Are you kidding me? We'll spend the rest of our lives trying to figure out what was stranger — the offer itself, or Portland not immediately accepting that offer, fleecing Kahn and never looking back.