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Party's in Brookyln

Free agency continues:

Deron Williams has decided to return to the Nets on a 5 year, $98 million contract. So the Nets paid a dubious fortune to get Joe Johnson and retain Gerald Wallace, but the end result was what they were after: Williams saw their efforts and stayed.

The Hawks followed up unloading Joe Johnson by also dealing Marvin Williams to the Jazz for Devin Harris. So in roughly 24 hours, new GM Danny Ferry has basically completely cleaned house.

The Mavericks better hope Dwight Howard finds a way to their the meantime, they're chasing both Steve Nash and Jeremy Lin, which Jason Terry appears headed for the Celtics.

Ray Allen, meanwhile, will visit with the Heat and Clippers. Apparently the Timberwolves have also called on him.

Lin is also visiting the Houston Rockets. McHale better hope that meeting goes well, because his favorite point guard, Goran Dragic, is not coming back, leaving him with just Kyle Lowry.

George Hill has agreed to a 5 year deal to remain in Indiana. Still no word what the Pacers intend to do with the max offer Roy Hibbert is getting from the Trailblazers.

The Phoenix Suns have offered Eric Gordon a max contract. New Orleans has promised to match.

Landry Fields has signed a 3 year, $20 million offer sheet with the Toronto Raptors. Yeah...and some of you thought we'd be overpaying for Batum. Apparently it's part of some scheme to get Steve Nash.

As for the reports that Nic Batum has told the Trailblazers to go screw themselves....well, I won't even speculate on whether that's true or not. But there certainly is some resentment there, as Batum is still unhappy the Blazers didn't sign him to an extension.

For me, I'd like to see the team move on other free agents, rather than wait for Batum. Don't get me wrong....I would be elated for Batum to sign here (or be traded here). But Portland can match any offer if they want, and it would suck for the Wolves to miss out on an Alexey Shved or OJ Mayo because they waited for a Batum conclusion before moving on.