Wolves reach agreement with Brandon Roy (and Nic Batum)

(Editor's note: The deal being reported by multiple sources is $10 million over 2 years)

According to Jason Quick:

Brandon Roy has come to a verbal agreement with Minnesota according to a person in Roy's family. Don't know the details on Roy's agreement with the Timberwolves.

Link to Roy's BBRef page here:

Was a slightly below average player his last year, but you gotta believe if healthy again he can be productive for around 20-25 MPG. As long as the money isn't egregious I like the move.

What do smarter people than I think?

EDIT: Alright. First off, the irony of this is overwhelming. It burns. So much. Second, well....I feel like there should be something clever to say about fate and full circles. But honestly, words just escape me right now.

EDITEDIT: The deal is 2 year, $10 million. It's...well, I guess we had to offer something in that range to beat out the contenders. But still, we're talking about a guy with next to nothing left in his knees, and it's never getting better for him.

I sure hope the team know what it's doing...

EDITEDITEDIT: The Wolves have also made an official offer to Nic Batum, reportedly for 4 years, $45 million ($50 million with bonuses) The Blazers have already vowed to match any offer he gets, but we'll see. At least there will be a conclusion to this sooner rather than later.