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Daily Cup of Canis: Wolves Land Brandon Roy, Make Offer to Batum (7-6-12)

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Oh my. Below the fold.

I'll save the Batum/Roy commentary for another post, but for now it should be noted that the Wolves do indeed have the cap space to make this work. It would require them to shed Martell Webster, Brad Miller, and amnesty Darko, but they have just enough cap space to make it work (never mind that Roy can be the MLE...or that the Wolves could still have an MLE to use on, say, Alexy Shved...or someone else--it all depends on the timing):

It can be done. The Wolves have the technology (the above scenario is done with an escalating $50 mil deal for Batum...which doesn't appear to be what is in the actual deal...i.e. they might have even more space to work with). They have exceptions to fill out the roster. If they can't get Batum, the Blazers have to pay. It's a win/win and it's very nice to see the team actually play a poker hand like it should be played.

Anywho, the Batum bit might get matched (it also might trigger a S&T) and Roy's knees (what's left of them) could explode, but for now: IRRATIONAL EXUBERANCE!!!

Hat's off to Kahn if this works. I'll put up an actual basketball post about these two players in the next few days.

Until later.

UPDATE: OK, after monkeying with the spreadsheet, something doesn't add up. Either the Webster buyout (or any Miller/Darko/Webster associated costs) have to be below $600k or Batum's 1st year has to be below $11 mil or this doesn't work with Roy getting the MLE. The Wolves need to have an MLE-sized buffer to make this work (and even then they'd zap everything on 2 players). Is it even legal to make an offer you can't follow through on?

UPDATE: It is completely kosher to make crazy offers that rely on additional moves. Either the Webster # has to be lower, the Batum # needs to be lower, or something has to give in order to make this work.