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Daily Cup of Canis (7-7-12): The Working Hard, Hardly Working Edition

"I promise that nobody will outwork our outthink us as we build one of the best front offices in the league and a team that begins a climb to the top."

- David Kahn

We get jiggy with it. Below the fold.

Nicolas Batum has not signed a contract offer. In fact, he doesn't even have an offer that can be followed through on at the present moment due to salary concerns. Furthermore, it is highly likely that the much talked about $50 million offer will never actually materialize in the real world. The other shoe is not likely to drop.

In other words, we can chat and hope and argue and dream all we want about Nicolas Batum and what his salary would mean for Our Beloved Puppies, but it's ultimately pointless. Just pointless. And no, you won't get back the time from yesterday's Daily Cup thread. It's gone.

Oh, Irrational Exuberance. How much I love you so. You make me do and say such silly things. Like momentarily believing that Portland wouldn't match or trying to kick that damn football over and over and over again.


If there is a singular move (or, in this case, non-move) that sums up the Timberwolves tenure of David Kahn, it is this one. It has all the hallmarks:

  • Player who played in Portland or Indiana or is somehow connected to Larry Brown or Donnie Walsh. (Check)
  • Long and athletic. (Check)
  • Gives fans the illusion of hope by making it look like the Wolves are working super hard to make something super big happen. (Check)
  • Contains some very specific and kind of out-in-the-open reason why all this super hard work won't actually work. (Check)
  • Manages to divert useful assets from realistic/good targets that ultimately negatively impact the long-term health of the franchise. (Check)
  • Flying by the seat of his pants while telling everyone there is a plan. (Check)
  • Ending up very close to where he began. (Check)
  • Bamboozling fans who want to believe. (Check)

The only thing we're missing with the Batum bit is an awkward public appearance.

I have no idea what is going on with this team right now. I've asked around in quite a few places and it does not appear that there is a Plan B. Team Adelman went out and got itself a real wing player in Chase Budinger and....

Anywho, the amazing thing about all of this is that the situation can still end well. There are a number of relatively inexpensive wing options still available. (Maybe the Wolves can win by simply waiting around for the market to spend all of its money on wings not named Dominic McGuire, Brandon Rush and Courtney Lee.) The team can extend Webster and try to make a Webster + Wes (expiring if they don't give him his option) + D-Will for a gigantic contract at the trade deadline. They can still try for Iggy. They can still sign Alexy Shved and Greg Stiemsma and go for the mid-season trade option.

There is still hope.

There is also an increasingly desperate (and predictable) POBO with a dwindling number of windows of opportunity remaining.

At this point I'll take some bumbling luck because I don't want to think about what this franchise could look like in 3 years. It could be ugly. What's sad about all of this is, like many of Kahn's moves, the better path was both available, accessible, and kind of obvious in real time.

Ho-hum. I'd like to promise I won't try to kick any more footballs but apparently my eye for that sort of thing is a homer.

Until later and hope for luck.