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Too soon too tell

Things. Below the fold.

I have to be honest with y'all: After Tim's passing I asked SB Nation to shutter the site. I wanted nothing to do with it. (Still don't.) Thankfully, this request was not granted.

Without getting too personal, Tim was the person that made this whole bit work. The Little Bar that Could needed a guy behind the counter who could keep the cranky barkeep in line once we reached a certain level of patronage. Optimism to realism pessimism, stats to eyeball, LeBron to Kobe, ying to yang. The guy put up with me endlessly ripping on one of his favorite books (guess which one!) while he knew where to stick the knife with my distaste for the "meaningless middle" and Thomas Friedman.

Selfishness aside and acknowledged, the bar is closed. The site will continue. It just won't be the virtual south Minneapolis watering hole on the corner of Cedar and .com. Cheers.

All of that being said, I'm 150% sure that Tim wanted the site to continue. I just haven't figured out what it will look like going forward. Maybe we'll go back to being a corner bar. Maybe we'll go full-on Applebee's. Who knows?

What I do know is that we'll need a little patience from our readership before we figure out what comes next. I want it to be organic and community-based. I don't think it would work any other way.

Thank you for your patience and go Wolves!