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NBA Word Association (day): The Timberwolves are....

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We're still going with the SB Nation-wide theme posts. Today's is rather quirky: pick the one single word you associate with each NBA team.


Our fellow SB Nation blogs had a flotilla of interesting words they described us with, that oddly enough describe not just the trajectory of the team's future, but the many strange peculiarities that have resulted from our patchwork roster that's been assembled by a loose-cannon front office. Read on....

The good news is many of our fellow blogger(ette)s seem to think the team is on the right path (finally). Seriously...the person who assigned us the word 'rising' actually added (finally!!) to the box. Other postitive words included bright, hopeful, fun, yay for us!

Of course, not every associated the team with just the team. We got several 'colds', several KAAAAHHHHHNNNSS!!!!!, someone put 'trees' (???). We also got one 'European' and one 'white' so, yeah. Relax. We're not the only ones who see it.

But maybe most interesting is we got several comments that seem to be more about the 'personality' of the team, for lack of a better word. One person said 'inventive'. Another actually used the word 'peculiar'. There were a couple words tied to our rather unorthodox offense. So it's not just us looking at the roster and wondering what kind of magic is getting it to work as a single whole. It's hard to argue that our make-up the last few years has been....perplexing.

But, it seems we're on our way. We're at least no longer the league's running punchline (that seems to be an award passed on to the Magic now...)

As for the rest, well, here's my list:

Celtics - Closed in their window for another championship

Nets - Rich

Their owner. He is. (I was also amused by how many people said Russian)

Knicks - Joker

They're like a dog chasing cars. They wouldn't know what to do if they actually caught one...

76ers - Underestimated

I admit, I didn't give their players, coaches, or management the respect they deserve the last few years

Raptors - Canadian


Bulls - Jordan

Will they ever historically the thought of as anything but the team Michael played for?

Cavaliers - Comic Sans

I'm sorry. But I'm a graphic designer, and that Comic Sans LeBron letter thing just killed me

Pistons - Disaster

They way overinvested in bad players and haven't had any sort of plan to fix it since

Pacers - Conseco

Bankers Life Fieldhouse my ass...

Bucks - Tantrum

It's what Scott Skiles will be throwing with two 6' loose cannons in the backcourt

Hawks - Mired

Around and around and around they go...

Bobcats - Unwaking

You know that feeling of helplessness when you're half asleep and desperately trying to wake up? That's this team

Heat - Death Star

Boom goes Alderaan

Magic - Stupid

Believe me. That's very tame compared to what most people said

Wizards - Folding chairs

The most apt comparison of their collective basketball IQ the last couple years

Warriors - Nellie-ball

Yeah yeah, Nelson's not there anymore. But my prevailing impression of them is still Corey Maggette at center

Clippers - Underperforming

Get a new coach

Lakers - Dynasty

Because...yeah...(in an odd way, I almost want to cheer for them just because I think they've got the best shot at stopping the Heat)

Suns - Cost-cutting

Get a new owner

Kings - Mindless

They don't really seem to think through...anything...

Mavericks - Broke

They gambled everything on D12 and Deron Williams

Rockets - future draft picks

Because that's pretty much what McHale tried to turn the entire roster into

Grizzlies - Bullies

And in a good way. Z-Bo, Gasol, Tony Allen....these guys hit hard

Hornets - Upward

You could do a lot worse than rebuilding with Rivers, Gordon and Anthony Davis

Spurs - Ageless

Like you expected anything else

Nuggets - Equal

Their roster is like, a bajillion interchangable parts

Timberwolves - Unorthodox

To say the least...

Thunder - Smart

Their players, their coaches, their managment, their owner (even if he's not totally likeable..) Just an intelligent team

Trailblazers - Unlucky

Pretty much every comment they got was 'injured' or 'unlucky' or 'sad'...

Jazz - Reloaded

They stupidly drove aways both Sloan and Williams, but have done a great job of not being just outright bad since

So...what are your thoughts?