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Game #28: Jazzy Jazz

In the 28th game on the road to 59-13, the gallant Minnesota Timberwolves take on the tacky Utah Jazz.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Here they go. A three-game stretch against their closest Northwest Division rivals: The Jazz, Nuggets, and Trailblazers. All within a stretch of 5 days. At the end of the year when Minny ,Houston, Utah, Denver, Portland, and maybe Utah are all jockeying for that final playoff position these next three will kind-of-sort-of-really-matter.

The Jazz come into tonight's game last in the NW Division. However, they have a solid frontcourt that hits the offensive boards well and they can get to the line. In other words, they can Timberwolves it up and we could see a slow game with a ton of fouls.

Things I will be looking for:

  • Extended minutes for Derrick Williams. Play him or trade him, there is no try. #yoda
  • No fouling + solid rebounding = good enough defense to win against the Jazz.
  • Will Ricky Rubio look like he actually performed any sort of cardio during his rehab and will he be able to give Shved a break with solid production in his stead? (UPDATE: Never mind. Ricky will not be making the trip because of back spasms.)
Well folks, that about does it. The game thread will go up later in the day.

Until later and go Wolves!