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Our Beloved Puppies take a nose dive in Utah.

OK. Positive things first. The Minnesota Timberwolves have a .500 record without their starting backcourt, with their best player playing like a bad Carlos Boozer, and with a ton of injuries. If Kevin Love picks up his game and if Ricky Rubio can come back and play like he actually tried to work out during his rehab, the Wolves are still in this thing. They still have a shot at some post season shenanigans. On the other hand....

Well, let's not think about the other hand.

Tonight's Wolves loss was brought to you by the letter C, for crap. As in crap shooting. They didn't turn the ball over. They got to the line like crazy. They held their own on the boards. They simply got outshot by an insane margin. A .432 TS% simply can't compete with a .555 number. At all. That's it. Go home. Game over.

OK, don't think about what happens at altitude in Denver on back to backs. Just don't think of it. We need positive thoughts right now. Positive low-minutes-for-the-starters winning thoughts. Come on people, get on it. Just do it. If we don't...oi, it could get ugly by Saturday. Let's write off a Korean recipe recap for this game and hope for the best tomorrow. They simply need to shoot better. Go Wolves!