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Rick Adelman back with the team (Monday Open Thread)

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Coach Rick Adelman has returned to the Minnesota Timberwolves after spending three weeks with his ailing wife. He rejoins a club that lost nine of 11 games in his absence.

In some ways, Adelman may need the Wolves as much as they need him.

Adelman ran practice on Monday and said he planned to be on the sideline against the Clippers on Wednesday night if all continued to progress with Mary Kay Adelman, who was being treated for an undisclosed condition. Adelman said he wanted to wait to return until he got the feeling that he would be back for good. He said his wife's condition is improving and he hopes that the worst of it is behind them.

"It's hard," Adelman said. "I've never done this. It's never happened. But there's some things that are more important than basketball or anything else. I think the team understands that. Hopefully things will settle down here now."

Adelman has been in constant contact with his coaching staff throughout his absence, speaking Porter daily and talking with president of basketball operations David Kahn about any possible roster moves that can be made. He returned to the team for a brief meeting on Jan. 16, both to apprise his players of his personal situation and try to give them a pep talk to get through a grueling stretch.

We do know (and some of you may as well) the nature of Mary Kay's illness, but please use discretion, as Rick and his family are very private people and have yet to address her condition themselves.

Update: I (Oceanary) have been told that both Gelabale and Johnson will be staying with the team. Expect Lou Amundson to be dealt to free up the necessary roster space.