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Rick Adelman discloses details about his absence

The Adelmans open up about Mary Kay's condition

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE


Minnesota Timberwolves coach Rick Adelman has been trying to keep a lid on his wife's health issues that caused him to be away from the team for three weeks.

Mary Kay Adelman didn't seem to understand why, so Rick Adelman has revealed that she has been suffering from seizures.

Rick Adelman returned to the Timberwolves after his hiatus on Monday and declined to talk specifically about what was bothering his wife.

On Tuesday, Adelman says he was urged by her to be more open about the situation. He says his wife has been seeking treatment for the past three weeks, but doctors still don't know what is causing them.

Rick Adelman missed 11 games to be with her. He plans to coach on Wednesday night against the Clippers.

As someone who spent high school in close contact with a couple kids who had seizures, for starters I can say that the appearance is usually much more severe than the actual affect. In the cases of my friends, they weren't life-threatening in any real way (keep in mind, this could be different for Mary Kay, as no one knows what's causing them yet) other than the obvious possibility that they could hit their head on something on the way down.

Diagnosis and medication can be very tricky though. For one of my friends, the change in medication made the attack much less violent on the outside (instead of dropping like a stone and shaking, he'd slowly sink down and just lay there), but they later discovered it was having a much more severe effect internally.

Seeings as Rick is back with the team, I'd assume Mary Kay is not under any immediate threat. Hopefully the doctors can figure out the cause and square things away for her