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Game #31: Timberwolves v. Hawks

Minnesota does battle with one bird while watching another fly away

Grant Halverson

Meanwhile, the Birdman is working out for Miami right now. Which is like.....why? Because Andersen should have been the first guy the Wolves called when Love re-broke his hand.

I mean, we're talking about a 6'10" center who rebounds, defends in space and from the weakside, and drops from the sky when he dunks (Rubioops to Birdman, hello???) He's got a career PER of 19, a career WS/48 .145, and despite never having averaged double-digit points in his career, his teams have consistently done better when he's on the floor than when he's not. His last two years in Denver, his PER and WS/48 rose to career highs of 19 and .190.

Yeah, he's got baggage. And ridiculous tattoos. But we're a team starting a 6'8" guy picked in the second round, backed up by a guy who's posting a PER of 6 and a WS/48 of .008. C'mon people....