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Kevin Love out 8-10 weeks

Love's re-injured hand will require surgery

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

From ESPN:

Kevin Love will miss the next eight to 10 weeks after needing surgery to repair a right hand that is broken for the second time this season.

The Minnesota Timberwolves All-Star visited a hand specialist in New York on Wednesday. It's the latest major injury to a team that has suffered them all season long.

The Wolves' medical staff had hoped surgery could be avoided, but alas...

The recovery time will take Love out until at least the middle of March, at which time it might be most practical to just call it a season for him. We'll see.

In the meantime, 'Sota will need to have a pretty active trade deadline if they want to make a strong playoff push. Andy Verajao is out as he will be missing the next 8 weeks due to surgery of his own (I don't want to say his newfound fatness was the cause but....well, he's clearly been carry more weight than he should have this year) Pau Gasol's name will always be there, and who knows what other deals might come up. But with Love out and Budinger reportedly ahead of schedule, a replacement big man has become the top priority.

Knuckle pushups. Oi.