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Yeah...Well, You Still Live In Oklahoma: A Wolves/OKC Recap


How many 3 pointers can Our Beloved Puppies give up to opponents per game? Over the last three tilts Minny has given up 37 3-pointers. 37. Against Portland, this was an insurmountable mountain, as the Blazers won the game on a 16-24 effort from behind the line. (BTW--and h/t to VJ110--the Wolves were able to accomplish something almost historic against Portland:Of all of the games in Basketball Reference where the opponent took 20 or more 3 pointers while making more than 2/3 of them, the Wolves lost by the 2nd fewest points on the list: 5...that's straight up amazing.) Against the Thunder...well, a .603 TS% is still pretty hard to overcome.

That's just about it. We could complain about the fact that Kevin Durant gets to shove Andrei Kirilenko into Russell Westbrook for a foul on AK or that Westbrook gets to put a forearm bar into Luke Ridnour's chest for a foul on Luke but that misses the basic f'ing point: It's pretty hard to beat awesome shooting opponents in the NBA.

Yeah, not having Nikola Pekovic for a large chunk of the game really hurts. Yeah, Ricky Rubio not being able to pretend to shoot a jump shot hurts. Yeah, Alexey Shved getting most of his points iin a 5 minute stretch hurts...however, if a team as good as the Thunder is making its shots at a .600+ TS% clip, shut'r'down.

Random thoughts:

  • Outside of bad shooting, turnovers continue to be the Wolves' biggest enemy.
  • In the first half Kendrick Perkins shoved Pek. I immediately changed my fantasy basketball team name to "Kendrick Perkins Death Wish." He is terrible at basketball and enemy selection. The only way the poor shooting Wolves had to win the game was to hope for Scotty Brooks to play Perkins 40 mpg. Unfortunately, he did not.
  • The Wolves have 7 good players who can play right now. They need help. A lot.
  • The Wolves can't be counted on to score without Pek.
Well folks, that about does it for tonight. Lots of crooked numbers on the box score on the tail end of a back to back against one of the best teams in the league. Hopefully the game against NOLA will go a bit better.
Until later.