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Lynx Go For Title, Wolves Play in Sioux Falls

Both local pro basketball teams are in action tonight as the Lynx try to win a championship and the Wolves look to entertain the citizens of Sioux Falls.

Greg Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Lynx will try to complete a three game sweep of the Atlanta Dream tonight and win their second WNBA championship in three years.  The game will take place in Duluth, Georgia, instead of Atlanta's Phillips Arena because of an already scheduled ice show.  As a result, there should be a big Maya Moore following at the game as she played her high school basketball in the area.

Regardless, the Lynx have dominated the first two games of this series, their efficient offense and depth of talent has been too much for the Dream to overcome.  Unlike the Dream, who are reliant on Angel McCoughtry to score, taking away one player does not slow the Lynx down, as they are able to turn to an array of talented players who can take on the offensive burden.  In the meantime, the Lynx have focused on McCoughtry and forced her into an abysmal 11-42 over the first two games, hence the Dream's struggle to score.

The Lynx game starts at 7:30 pm Central on ESPN2.

In the meantime, the Timberwolves, fresh off last night's win in Toronto, travel to Sioux Falls, SD to take on the Milwaukee Bucks in what may be the biggest game of the season.  Or if not, it's at least a game.  It will be interesting to see how Rick Adelman distributes minutes tonight.  I would be shocked if Kevin Martin plays at all after leaving last night's game with a sore achilles tendon, and I doubt he'll want to push his regulars in a back to back this early.  My guess is that most of the starters see minimal minutes, and he might even sit Rubio and Barea (who played internationally this summer) altogether. This might be the night that all of the rookies and roster hopefuls get playing time.

Here is Rick Adelman's post game interview.

The game is scheduled for 7:00 pm Central and will be televised on FSN Plus.

We'll have game threads for both games, and recaps afterwards, though I'll be watching the Lynx primarily, so if someone watching the Wolves wants to do a fanpost recap, that would be useful.  Anyone going to the game?

Today's musical birthday is Jimmy Fearnley, who plays accordian in the Pogues. He was born on this date in 1954.

This is an open thread. Tear that thing open.