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Timberwolves vs. Celtics: Preseason Game Thread #5

Back north of the border, this time the Wolves will have to hone their French, as they face off with the Boston Celtics in Montreal. It's good to have Ronny Turiaf, so they shouldn't starve.

Greg Smith-USA TODAY Sports

After more than a week between games, the Timberwovles are back in action on Sunday afternoon against the Boston Celtics.

The game is scheduled for a 5:00pm Central time start, and will be televised on NBA TV.

The Wolves have had a lengthy period to practice, so hopefully we'll see some crisper execution on both ends of the floor.

As far as I know, everyone except Chase Budinger is available for this one. My guess is Coach Adelman still plays a bunch of guys, but starts honing in on his rotation starting with this game. I wouldn't be shocked to see a couple of cuts prior to the Wednesday game as they get down to their regular season roster.

Anyway, this here is a game thread. Talk about the scintillating pre-season action here.

No pics, no gifs, no links to illegal streams. Our blogging buddies are at the creatively named Celtics Blog.

Be excellent.