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Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers Game Thread

The Timberwolves face the tankiest of tanking tankers in Philadelphia tonight as the pre-season heads toward its dramatic conclusion.


Wolves at Seventy-Tankers
6:00pm Central
No Local Television

Tonight and tomorrow are the last two pre-season games for the Wolves before the regular season gets underway a week from tonight.

This evening, the Wolves play a team tipped by many to be a relegation candidate this season...oh yeah, we don't do that. As a result, the Sixers aren't even going to pretend to try this season, and will be rewarded for it with a high draft pick. They recently announced that their prized rookie this season, Nerlens Noel, is unlikely to suit up at all this year, because, tanking.

It's truly fantastic that we have a system that rewards such behavior. Competition not even taking a back seat but going completely out the window makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

At any rate, two games left for the bubble guys to impress in their attempt to make the roster. We'll see if Adelman continues to tighten his rotation as he gets his main guys ready for the regular season.

In the meantime, there were sort-of rumors earlier this week that Evan Turner was of some interest to the Wolves, with possibly Derrick Williams involved. I highly doubt something like this will happen, but we can keep our eye on Turner nonetheless, as the Sixers are obviously willing to move anyone not nailed down.

Our blogging buddies for tonight are Liberty Ballers.

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