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Canis Hoopus NBA Over/Under Contest

It's our annual NBA Over/Under Contest. A Tradition Like Many Others. Place your (fictional) wagers here.


It's over/under contest time again! Last year, the Canis Hoopus collective hive mind outperformed the Vegas lines. Will that happen again?

Here are the rules, to be modified by popular acclaim and/or act of God. Winner(s) will gain bragging rights and an unshakable feeling of superiority. I'll do my best to remember to bump this at the end of the year.

1. You have $100 (fictional). You may bet this money on any team(s) you choose.

2. Whoever "wins" the most (fictional) money based on said bets is the winner.

3. In the event of a tie, victory to be granted to the person with the most correct bets.

4. Separately, list your picks for all 30 teams. Whoever gets the most correct also wins bragging rights of some sort.

My picks

$35 Denver under 45.5 The Western Conference is loaded and I'm really skeptical these guys can defend at anything approaching league average levels.

$35 Atlanta over 39.5 This team might be better this year. Paul Millsap is arguably as good as Josh Smith and they have excellent role players in Korver, Carroll, Brand, and Ayon.

$15 Memphis over 50.5 This team should also be better and deeper than the squad that won 56 games last year. Davis and Koufos are the best reserve tandem in the league and the defense should be suffocating again.

$15 Charlotte over 26.5 I think they will be very competitive this year. I'm still on the Biyombo bandwagon, and the duo of Jefferson and Zeller should boost the offense. Kemba Walker quietly turned into a good player last year and MKG and Jeffrey Taylor should be improved.

Over/unders from Bovada.

Atlanta Hawks 39.5

Boston Celtics 27.5

Brooklyn Nets 52.5

Charlotte Bobcats 26.5

Chicago Bulls 56.5

Cleveland Cavaliers 40.5

Dallas Mavericks 43.5

Denver Nuggets 45.5

Detroit Pistons 40.5

Golden State Warriors 51.5

Houston Rockets 54.5

Indiana Pacers - Off the board - Used to be 54.5

Los Angeles Clippers 56,5

Los Angeles Lakers 36.5

Memphis Grizzlies 50.5

Miami Heat 61.5

Milwaukee Bucks 28.5

Minnesota Timberwolves 41.5

New Orleans Pelicans 39.5

New York Knicks 48.5

Oklahoma City Thunder 52.5

Orlando Magic 23.5

Philadelphia 76ers 16.5

Phoenix Suns 19.5

Portland Trailblazers 38.5

Sacramento Kings 31.5

San Antonio Spurs 55.5

Toronto Raptors 36.5

Utah Jazz 25.5

Washington Wizards 40.5

This thread is wide open.