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Celtics at Timberwolves First Half Game Thread

Enjoy the first half from Target Center as the Wolves look to get back on track tonight.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

No Return of Kevin Garnett this time like the Celtics games over the past few years have been. That will have to wait until the Nets come to town.

The Celtics visit the Timberwolves tonight. The Wolves need to rebound from last night and protect their home court against marginal opponents. The Celtics are coming off a home loss last night to the Blazers, and are 4-6.

7:00 pm Central game time,
Fox Sports North

This is your first half game thread. This is a link to our blogging buddies at CelticsBlog. Be excellent.

No this that or the other thing.

2nd Half Thread will go up at 8:15.

Enjoy the game. Chat here.

Go Wolves.