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Timberwolves Notes: Wizards Disaster, Clippers Tonight. Soccer. Music. Open Thread.

Putting last night's horror show in the rearview mirror, and looking ahead to tonight's game against the Clippers. And Brazil 2014.

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If you want to read more about last night, (and I can't imagine why you would): Andy wraps it up pretty well over at PDW. I think he exaggerates Wall's play a bit, but he hits the high (and mostly low) points.

He rightly points out that Robbie Hummel is doing a good job in the role assigned to him. I would also like to add that, even though it was only 6 minutes, I thought Alexey Shved had the most active and positive shift we've seen from him all year.

Meanwhile, Derrick Williams has played 3 garbage time minutes in the last 3 games. We are moving past the point of selling low vs. selling high. Just selling will be hard enough. And needed for all involved, it appears.

37 freaking points in the 2nd half for the Wolves. 33 fast break points for the Wizards in the game. That's a double ugh.

I'm just going to move on from last night's disaster. Just a reminder that we are still Timberwolves fans. So it goes.

Not only is the chat I did with Steve up at Clips Nation, but also an excellent preview of tonight's game. Someone is doing work. You should go check that out.

The Clippers, since we saw them last week, have beaten the Thunder and Nets, and lost to the Grizzlies.

Meanwhile, in World Cup qualifying, France came back to beat the Ukraine 3-2 on aggregate with a 3-0 win yesterday in Paris. My French neighbors are off suicide watch.

In a matchup between two of the best players in the world, with one of them headed to Brazil and the other home, Cristiano Ronaldo scored all four goals for Portugal over both games against Zlatan Ibrahimovic of Sweden, who had both Swedish goals as Portugal advanced 4-2 on aggregate.

Ronaldo had a hat trick in yesterday's 3-2 Portugal win that is worth seeing:

What a player.

Today's musical birthday is Sen Dog, best known as a founding member of the rap act Cypress Hill:

This is a Wednesday open thread. What's on your mind?