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Wolves Fall to Clippers Post Game Thread

I'm still not sure how that game was even remotely close, but it was a loss nonetheless, as the Wolves fall to the Clippers 102-98 at Target Center.

Things I noticed:

  1. The shooting was horrendous
  2. Kevin Love had an off night, and looked physically out of sorts at several points
  3. Chris Paul took over the game late after not scoring for almost the whole game. Superstar.
  4. The transition defense got better in the 2nd half, but was abysmal again in the first
  5. Adelman went with the all bench/all bench+Corey unit for two long stretches tonight. It cost them, especially the 2nd stretch.
  6. They don't give up. There's that.
  7. Five of their six losses have been by a combined 15 points.
Tim will be back with a full recap at some point. This is your post game ranting thread.