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NBA Notes, Timbewolves Dominate, Premier League is Back!

A Saturday morning cup of Canis between soccer games.

Greg Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Thought I'd throw up an open thread between Premier League matches this morning.

  • The PL is back! What an opening game, as Everton and Liverpool play to a thrilling 3-3 draw at Goodison Park in the Merseyside Derby. That was a great match of football. Tremendous. Back and forth, goals, drama.
  • Derrick Rose hurt his right knee last night in Chicago's loss to Portland. MRI scheduled for today, but he left the arena on crutches. Hopefully not too serious.
  • Here's last night's game recap from the Nets perspective.
  • The Wolves now have an 8+ point differential, and a pythag record of 10-4. They also have the schedule of a team that should be 10-4. Unfortunately, they are 8-6. And things are going to get tough.
  • On the other hand, so many back to backs already. Only Utah has played as many games in the Western Conference.
  • Speaking of conferences, the Western Conference is 24 games over .500 at the moment. If this continues, the West could wind up averaging 45-46 wins per team this year.
  • We'll have more on the Rockets later, but given the pace of these two teams and the offenses, we may see a lot of points tonight.
New Feature that you may or may not see ever again! Today in history:

  • 1783: Annapolis Maryland becomes Capital of U.S. (until 1784).
  • 1892: Pierre de Coubertin launches modern Olympics, spawning a massive, multi-century corrupt pit of money grabbing.
  • 1906: Joseph Smith convicted of polygamy.
  • 1936: First edition of Life Magazine published
  • Polish (Nazi) government requires Jews to wear blue stars.
Today's musical birthday is Miley Cyrus. She's 21 today! Here she is covering the Dolly Parton classic Jolene:

More on the Rockets coming later.

This is as open as it gets. I can't open it anymore.