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Rockets Rain Threes on Timberwolves, Win Easily

Some nights...some nights. Some nights the other team just can't miss.

Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Spor

The wonders of variance.  Sometimes it kicks your ass.

I doubt Aaron Brooks and Patrick Beverly would make 12 of 15 combined three pointers unguarded in practice very often, but that's what they did tonight against the Wolves, and it led to an easy victory for the Rockets.

Although a few late misses left them at "merely" 55% from three, this was a once a year type shooting extravaganza. I mean once a year in the whole NBA--only 29 times since 1985 has a team taken 30+ threes and made 54% or better. Tonight makes 30.

There really isn't much to say about this one. The Rockets got off fast, the Wolves climbed back in, but the Rockets pushed it back out to double figures at halftime, and though the Wolves worked hard to stick around, and were within 8 heading into the fourth, the Rockets shooting kept them at bay, and they never really threatened.

On offense, the Wolves really struggled shooting the ball, making 40% overall and 30% on threes, and really the lousy Rockets defense we had heard about was nowhere in evidence.

Coincidentally, James Harden didn't play.

What was in evidence was the Rockets propensity for turning the ball over, which they did 23 times to the Wolves 10. That, plus 18 offensive rebounds led to the Wolves taking 21 more shot attempts then the Rockets.

It wasn't enough, however, as making shots trumped everything else tonight, and the Rockets dominated.

Once again the bench struggled, particularly J.J. Barea who went 1-10 to lead a bench unit that went a combined 5-23. And yet still Coach Adelman insisted on playing an all bench unit for a significant stretch in the 2nd quarter.

Meanwhile it was a good night for Corey Brewer, who had 22 points on 14 shots and collected five steals, and Kevin Love had his usual 27 and 15, though he struggled at times to get clean looks.

The Wolves also had a season low 17 free throw attempts tonight, as they were unable to draw fouls against Houston's big men with any regularity.

That will do it for the recap.

Aaron Brooks will probably be raining threes in my dreams.

Next up: at Indiana on Monday evening.