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Timberwolves Power Rankings Update: Week 4

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It's been a rough week. After going 1-3, the Wolves fall yet again in the rankings.

Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Spor

The Wolves haven't had a week with a .500+ record since week 1, when they went 3-0. They're still holding onto a winning record at 8-7, but with Indiana tonight, that could be in jeopardy.

They went 1-3 this week, and not surprisingly, their rankings fell a bit yet again. It won't get any easier this week either, with games against the Pacers, Nuggets and Mavericks. OKC, San Antonio and Miami are the week after that.

Take a look, and let's hear what you think.

Average Ranking: 10.0 (Last week: 6.875)

No. 9 (Last Week: 8): Jason Patt, SB Nation

The Wolves did come back down to earth a bit, going 1-3 last week and losing a real bad one against the Wizards. But if Wolves fans want a silver lining, at least Selena Gomez is a fan! Or maybe Ricky Rubio is a Selena Gomez fan. Whatever:

No. 9 (Last Week: 5): Marc Stein, ESPN

Happy now, Wolves haters? Heard lots of Twitter noise -- much of it emanating from the Bay Area -- in protest of our crush on the Wolves that had them at No. 5 last Monday. Since then: Only a rout of bumbling Brooklyn prevented 'Sota from an 0-4 week heading into this Monday's daunting visit to Indy.

No. 9 (Last Week: 7): Marc Spears, Yahoo! Sports

The T'wolves' fast start has cooled after three losses in their past four games. A loss to the Pacers on Monday would drop them to .500.

No. 9 (Last Week: 4): Matt Moore, CBS Sports

Mostly a drop based on schedule. Had two ceiling-defining losses (Rockets, Clippers), and one bad-game-against-a-weak-opponent loss to Washington. Defensive slippage is the concern.

No. 10 (Last Week: 9): USA Today Writers' Poll

Remember when they traded O.J. Mayo for Kevin Love on draft day in 2008?

No. 10 (Last Week: 8): Matt Dollinger, Sports Illustrated

The advanced stats say the Wolves are elite, but their 0-4 record against the Clippers, Rockets and Warriors suggests they're good, not great. Showdowns with the top four teams in these rankings the next two weeks will test Minnesota's mettle.

No. 11 (Last Week: 6): David Aldridge,

Rookie Robbie Hummel getting playing time in rotation ahead of Derrick Williams -- whose days in Minneapolis have to be nearing an end.

No. 13 (Last Week: 9): John Schuhmann,

Corey Brewer leads the league in fast break points, but transition defense was surely a topic of conversation in the Wolves' film sessions this week, as they allowed the Wizards and Clippers to rack up 58 fast break points in back-to-back losses. They've lost four straight within the conference and play four big games against the West (plus meetings with the Pacers and Heat) in the next two weeks.