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Timberwolves Notes: Williams Trade, Pacers Loss

Tuesday morning notes as we wait for confirmation of the Derrick Williams for Luc Mbah a Moute trade.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Morning all.  This is your morning notes column as we wait for confirmation of the Derrick Williams trade. I'll have an analysis piece if and when the trade becomes official, but getting LMAM for Williams seems like a pretty good return to me. He's a versatile and effective defender who saves the Wolves a few dollars compared to Williams. It's a bit awkward to acquire another forward, as it leaves the bench as "J.J. and the Forwards," which sounds a bit like a Mo-town act, but isn't.

Jerry Zgoda has an article up about the trade. Apparently Williams didn't talk to the media last night.

Always good to see what the other side thinks of things, and thus you might want to check out the excellent Sactown Royalty for their take on this deal. Heartening to see that they really liked having Mbah a Moute.

As for last night's loss, we've covered that pretty well. But Punch Drunk Wolves has some good notes on it as well. Always worth reading. They also have some comments on Williams.

Rubio managed a 4x5 game again last night. I barely noticed, though he did have a very strong stretch in the third quarter. According to the handy email I get, Rubio and Brewer have more steals then any other duo in the league, by a fairly wide margin over Paul and Jordan on the Clippers.

Oof. Pacers went on a 22-4 run from the moment the Wolves led 66-65 to midway through the 4th. Ouch. That's a good team they have.

Frankly, I'm ready to just move on from it.  The Wolves are now 8-8 and have a very tough stretch coming up. However, their next tilt is at home against Denver on Wednesday, a game they really need to win. Following that, at Dallas, at Thunder, Spurs in Mexico City, and home to the Heat.

Again, we'll have more on the trade once it actually happens.

Today in History:

1789: First national Thanksgiving day in U.S.

1922: Howard Carter (archaeologist) opens King Tut's tomb.

1942 Casablanca premiers

1976: Sex Pistols release debut single "Anarchy in the UK"

Today's musical birthday is Tina Turner, who was born in 1939

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