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Timberwolves Links, Reaction to Loss to Cavaliers.

Just your normal link dump/open thread

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

A few links to morning reads for you all:

Howlin T-Wolf has a good recap of last night's craziness.

Here is the Basketball-Reference box score from last night. Poor Gorgui. Also worth noticing: 9 turnovers for Kyrie Irving, who was not a huge factor in this game.  C.J. Miles with the MPE.

Jerry Zgoda's gamer in the Star-Tribune has a few quotes and post game video of Rick Adelman. They just couldn't find their legs for most of the night, seems to be the story.

There's a guy named Andrew who is apparently making highlight videos of every Wolves game. At least he has so far. Here is a link to the Knicks game.  He has a YouTube channel you can subscribe to.  Useful, especially if he keeps it up all year.

Eh, what the heck, I'll post the Knicks highlights:

Give the guy a visit and check out his channel.  He's doing good work.

The always excellent Punch-Drunk Wolves was at the game last night, so look for their report later in the day. Come on Andy and Patrick, how was the Q?

That's about it this morning.  Oh, wait, a couple of questions:

First, I guess Monday is Power Rankings Day around the internet.  Do you guys want an aggregation article from us with all of the rankings and Wolves comments?  I have never really paid attention to those, but I notice we usually wind up mentioning them.

Second, what should I ask Mavs Money Ball about the Mavs as we're doing a Q and A prior to Friday's game.

Today is the birth anniversary of Eugene Debs.  Born in 1855. Workers of the World Unite!

Today's musical birthday is Gram Parsons, who was born on this date in 1946.

This is an open thread. Don't abuse it.