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No Rhythm: Notes and Quotes from a Timberwolves Loss

A few items from last night to cloud up your morning.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports
  • Kent Youngblood at the Strib points out that the bench was a combined -42 and only scored 10 points. It was a terrible performance by the 2nd unit. We'll be looking into that more hopefully later today.
  • The Warriors scored 26 points off 19 Wolves turnovers, because 12 of those were steals. as the Wolves were very sloppy with the ball, telegraphing passes and inviting deflections.
  • I enjoy watching guys like Klay Thompson shoot the ball when it isn't against the Wolves.
  • ESPN reports that Kevin Love has two 25 pt., 15 reb., 5 assist games, and the rest of the NBA has none. Having written that down, I realize I have absolutely no interest in it.
  • Still, Love is looking for and finding leak outs off rebounds and basketcuts when he catches at the elbow.
  • Just a thought: have they gone away from the pick and roll too much? Could be what's hurting Pek, as he executed that so well last season.
Some quotes from last night's debacle:
"We couldn't get into rhythm. We traded baskets from the get go. Second quarter they got it going a little bit and we couldn't get back in the game." Corey Brewer

"It's one of those games you want to get back. We are only 3 and 2 and we will come back Friday and get the win. 4 and 2 looks a lot better than 3 and 3." Corey Brewer

"No rhythm at all. We tried a little bit in the first half and it didn't work. We need to just get better tomorrow and come back out on Friday." J.J. Barea
"The way we played tonight, the tempo, we didn't have any rhythm. After the first quarter especially. During the first quarter we were decent offensively and defensively. It just spiraled from there." -Rick Adelman

"It's early and I just told them, sometimes you have success early in the season and you think you have arrived. It almost gives you false security because you've won some games. Now we are playing some good teams and we are finding out about ourselves. Tonight, we weren't ready to play this team. They were a lot better than we were and I think every one of our guys has to play better for us to have a chance." -Rick Adelman

Have a nice morning everyone.