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Timberwolves Quotes, NBA Notes: How Bad is the Eastern Conference?

A few bits for your morning cup of Canis.

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Back to back wins even against mediocre or worse Eastern Conference opponents feels pretty good. The Wolves scrapped to last night's win after a terrible start, and generally poor shooting throughout.

A couple of quotes:

"The first quarter was awful. The other team knew exactly what they were going to do, they were going to run it down the court. Try to attack the baskets as quick as they can. They just got going and got us on our heels. It just took us a long time to get into it. In the second half we just gradually got a rhythm going. Took control and they stopped." -Rick Adelman

"The coaches were looking for kind of a spark off the bench. Myself, I'm a shooter and have plenty of energy. Doing whatever I can to help the team. I made a few shots and it was good to see that. At the same time the team played really well in the fourth quarter...

...No doubt I think it energizes the team and the crowd. It gets everyone going. When you can erase a lead like that, the momentum is going in our favor. It's just something like a boulder rolling down a hill. It's just coming. I thought we did a good job of kind of reestablishing the momentum" --Robbie Hummel

The Wolves won last night behind rebounds, turnovers, and free throws, despite much better shooting from the field by the 76ers. We've talked about this tendency before, and I will have an article later today (hopefully) about the Wolves and the four factors.

Meanwhile, the West went 4-0 last night against the East.

Based on the conference's current winning percentage, the average Eastern Conference team is projected to finish with 35 wins.  Meaning the average Western Conference team will finish with 47 wins.  That's nuts.

I wonder whether (and how) that might affect the trade deadline.  Will Western Conference teams try to load up, or will Eastern Conference teams see an opportunity to get a decent playoff seed with just a little tinkering?  We'll see.

Today in history:

1800: Washington DC established as U.S. Capital
1870: Joseph Rainey of South Carolina is sworn in as first black U.S. Representative
1901: Guglielmo Marconi sends first transatlantic radio signal
1963: Kenya declares independence from the UK

A somewhat different flavor for our musical birthday: Grover Washington Jr., who was born in 1943 (d. 1999):

Open thread. Ya know.